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Diseases across the Top Five Languages of the PubMed Database: 1961-2012

Collaborators: Inna Kouper, Trevor Edelblute

January 2014 to June 2014

A poster showing both a complex infographic related to languages and diseases in the PubMed database and additional information about how the graphic was created.

A team submission to the Data Visualization Challenge for WebSci’14. Original dataset of historical MEDLINE/PubMed article titles was enhanced with additional metadata and parsed for references to diseases. Visualization received the Best Student Award.


  • Developed python scripts to locate disease phrases in article titles
  • Developed exploratory visualizations in a variety of tools to help the team narrow down to a particular narrative approach
  • With continued feedback from team members, designed the submitted visualization using Raw Graphs, Wordle, and Adobe Illustrator.

Project Outputs: