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Open-Source Software Development and Reproducible Research Projects

Actively contributing to and promoting the use of open-source projects.

Related Projects and Outputs:



  • Carpentries Instructor, February 2021

Presentations at Conferences, Professional Gatherings

  • Gambrow, Stever, Zoss, Angela M., Schick, Robert, Tackett, Maria. (November 22, 2019). Research Reproducibility: Education and Practice. Panel presentation at Center for Data and Visualization Sciences Data Management panel series, Durham, NC.
  • Zoss, Angela M., Edelblute, Trevor and Kouper, Inna. (May 26, 2017). Data quality, transparency and reproducibility in large bibliographic datasets. Accepted conference presentation at IASSIST Annual Conference 2017, Lawrence, KS.

Short-form Instruction Experience