Ph.D. in Information Science. Minor in Informatics. (Indiana University, 2018)

Studied design and comprehension of network visualizations.
Member of Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center.

Dissertation: Network Visualization Literacy: Task, Context, and Layout. Supervised by Drs. Katy Börner, Hamid Ekbia, Staša Milojević, and Johan Bollen.

M.S. in Communication. (Cornell University, 2008)

Studied user experience and social presence within asynchronous virtual spaces.
Member of Culturally-Embedded Computing Group and Human-Computer Interaction Group.

Thesis: From Measure to Leisure: Extending Theory on Technology in the Workplace. Supervised by Drs. Geri Gay, Tarleton Gillespie, and Phoebe Sengers.

B.A. in Communication & Culture, Cognitive Science. Minors in Computer Science, Music. (Indiana University, 2003)

Studied audience perception of visual media and built general technology skills.