Assessment and Data Visualization Analyst

Assessment & User Experience Department, Duke University Libraries

May 2018-November 2021

In response to the Libraries' growing needs for internal data expertise, my position was restructured to increase capacity in assessment, reporting, and data workflow automation.


  • Contribute to vision and leadership for the library’s data infrastructure, especially as regards the library’s upcoming migration to the FOLIO Library Services Platform
  • Provide advanced data processing and visualization services in support of library assessment, including assessment of digital and print collections use, space reservations, and asset allocation
  • Recommend ways to standardize or automate workflows to improve efficiency and inclusivity
  • Offer project management on cross-departmental projects related to data privacy and space design
  • Design and build custom web pages with an eye to visual interest, responsiveness, and accessibility
  • Participate in traditional departmental efforts to evaluate and improve library services, including improvements to library signage, coordination of student advisory boards, and survey analysis