phenom: A Population Growth Modeling Web App for Microbiologists

Collaborators: Richard Outten, Kelvin Bueno Gonzalez, Delali Cudjoe, Grace Liu, Sigrid Real-Aguilar, Elise Zhang

May 2022 to August 2022

Poster for the Phenom Web App project, including basic background information, a large diagram of the user experience workflow, and a summary of the tools and framework used.

Supervised students completing a summer-long web app development project converting a proof-of-concept research application to a production-ready application that could be supported by Duke’s web services infrastructure.


  • Co-led student team during 10-week summer data science experience, including daily stand-up meetings, weekly check-ins, and detailed mentorship on the design of web applications and data processing code
  • Worked with team co-lead to determine appropriate training and code architecture strategies
  • Advised students on visual components like process diagrams and the final poster

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