Redesigning Library Wayfinding and Signage

November 2018 to July 2019

Lost patrons in the library

As a response to repeated feedback from patrons and staff about difficulties navigating our library spaces, Duke University Libraries undertook a study to explore patron wayfinding patterns. The study gathered data about patron wayfinding issues by surveying library staff – a recognition that small-scale observational studies and self-reported concerns via patron surveys would result in only a small number of the situations where patrons frequently have trouble with navigation. The survey asked staff to report areas of our building where patrons typically find themselves lost and what location they are trying to find. Results of this survey were synthesized into a report making general recommendations about how to improve signage and wayfinding. A project to redesign signage in response to these findings is underway.


Project Outcomes

Additional Project Views

Simple diagram of building connections
Summary of survey findings


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