You, Me, and IT: a series on identity in IT work

Collaborators: La'Shawnda Kendall, Laura Webb, Quincy Garbutt, John Herr, Richard Biever

August 2021 to May 2022

You, Me & IT, presented by DiversifyIT

The cultural competence of an individual or team affects outcomes at work in a myriad of ways; client interactions, team cohesion and collegiality, recruitment and retention efforts, and institutional brand are all affected by our ability to understand and to work with one another. Understanding how our identities interact with our work environment and responsibilities is a key component of building cultural competence. The You, Me, and IT series involves three separate 90-minute sessions with an interested team or group. Each session builds on an assigned reading or viewing activity that should be completed before the session. Within the session, facilitators start with a short period of sharing topics and themes related to the session’s pre-work. This is followed by small-group discussions, where attendees have a chance to reflect with and learn from each other. The focus of the sessions is both on synthesizing the lessons from the pre-work and on applying these lessons to IT culture and system/service design at Duke.


  • collaborate on design of series content
  • deliver and facilitate discussion sessions
  • coordinate series assessment

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