Technology Development and Leadership

Wide range of experiences with backback-end and front-end technologies. Specialty in data processing.

Focus Area: Privacy

Leading library efforts to review and standardize privacy protections.

Sample Activities:

  • DUL Data Privacy and Retention Task Force (Chair)
  • DUL Data Privacy and Retention Audit (Project with Joyce Chapman)
  • Achieving Privacy in the Age of Analytics: A National Forum on Web Privacy and Web Analytics (Attendee)

Sample Development Projects

Related Projects and Outputs:

Professional Service and Leadership Positions

  • Chair, DiversifyIT Programming Sub-Committee. September 2023 to present.
  • Organizer, Duke Libraries Data and Reporting Learning Group. October 2022 to present.
  • Member, DiversifyIT Committee. September 2022 to present.
  • Co-organizer, Summit for DUL Scrum developers and Product Owners. March 2023.
    Additional team members: Will Sexton.
  • Convener, FOLIO Reporting Special Interest Group (SIG). May 2021 to present.
    Additional team members: Sharon Beltaine (Co-Convener, January 2023 to present).
  • Co-organizer, Retreat for Duke Digital Repositry developers and stakeholders. May 2022.
    Additional team members: Will Sexton, Ayse Durmaz.
  • Chair, Data Privacy and Retention Task Force. February 2020 to August 2021.
    Additional team members: Arnetta Girardeau, Jack Hill, Brooke Guthrie, Ciara Healy, Shadae Gatlin, Abby Wickes, Tim McGeary (ex officio).
  • Convener, Duke Libraries FOLIO Reporting Working Group. February 2020 to July 2020.
    Additional team members: Heather Baker, Lauren Crowell, Dee McCullough, Jianying Shou, Matthew Harrington.


Conference Papers

  • Kouper, Inna, Zoss, Angela M., Edelblute, Trevor, Boyles, Michael and Ekbia, Hamid. (2016). Mental Disorders Over Time: A Dictionary-Based Approach to the Analysis of Knowledge Domains. Paper presented at iConference 2016 Proceedings, Philadelphia, PA. doi:10.9776/16303

White Papers


  • Certified Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Alliance, December 2022

Event Participation

Presentations at Conferences, Professional Gatherings